What Is Ideal To Drink From?

As many of you probably know by now, I am a big proponent of drinking more water because water is extremely important to every organ and cell in the body. I am also a person that speaks out a great deal about not using plastic, especially single-use plastic water bottles.

If you are not using a plastic water bottle, what do I recommend drinking from? I recommend using either glass or stainless steel and a good filter. I prefer glass myself because glass doesn’t give off anything into the water, it is a completely inert container.

Fun fact: Did you know that the water that comes out of your faucet is under stricter testing and guidelines than bottled water anyway? Tap water, in many cases, is better than bottled water.


My favorite water bottle (the one I am using now!) is from the company Life Factory. It is glass with a silicone sleeve to protect it if it gets dropped. And believe me, I have tested that part out :/ I have dropped it a few times, and after I pick my heart up off the floor from shock, the bottle is fine.

I have had a bunch of different bottles over the years but this company, by far, has thought of the things that are important to me. The silicone sleeve is really important because it is protective.

Another company that I have liked, at a cheaper price point, is from Zulu Athletic, although they didn’t pass my second criteria:

The next thing that is important to me is how easily you can carry it. I call it the two-finger rule! If you can’t hold the handle with at least 2 fingers its no good. Why two fingers you might ask? It’s because glass can be heavy, especially when it’s full of water! It needs to be easy to carry with me, and if I can only hold it with one finger, it gets too heavy too quickly and I won’t carry the bottle with me as often. (NO GOOD!)

Life factory bottles pass this test because I can stick all four of my fingers through the handle.

The next thing that is important to me is that it has an easy to drink from the top. Both Zulu and Life Factory have great lids. Zulu has a one of a kind sound, it pops when you open it, which makes me smile every time I press the button. “Pop!” Life factory has a plethora of lids to choose from, which is nice, because many people like lids with a straw.

Stainless steel is another great option for water bottles. There are a lot more brands of stainless steel bottles that are great, and several easily pass my “2 finger-test.” Stainless steel is lighter than glass, however, it’s still better to find a bottle that you can carry with multiple fingers, just for your comfort.

I chose glass bottles because (fun fact!) I am allergic to stainless steel, which is quite unique! It’s definitely an interesting allergy; I usually react to things on my skin, so I choose to stay away from water bottles, too, just in case.

What bottles do you use for your water?

In health and happiness,

~Nikki Golly

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