Some Solutions To Everyday Plastic Use

Why do we need some solutions to our plastic use - read these previous blogs by yours truly

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Some Solutions To Everyday Plastic:

* Use reusable bags when you go to the store or ask for no bag and carry your items out by hand


* Use reusable non-plastic fruits and vegetable bags at the store.


* Use a reusable non-plastic water bottle like glass or stainless steel (mentioned here in my blog)

* Use glass food storage containers for leftovers. Glass lasts way longer than plastic and they are safe to heat food up in, unlike plastic containers.


* Use bar soap instead of body wash in the shower (great tip is that it lasts way longer too)


* Use a shampoo bar instead of a bottle shampoo (this is one of my most recent switches myself and I am still getting used to it)


* Check out bite toothpaste bits instead of using toothpaste out of a tube


These are a few options that I have found to lessen my plastic use. Do you know of anything that I have missed? We are all in this together and I am happy to learn from you.

Thank You for all you are doing for our planet

* Ask for no plastic silverware when ordering food-to-go.


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