Simple Morning Ritual

I have started to do one SIMPLE trick each morning and it has improved my health and how I feel each day…

It only takes about 5 minutes but it has improved my circulation and how I feel when sitting at my computer…

What is it?

As soon as I get out of bed every morning, I reach my hands up as tall as I can get, breathing deeply into my spine, creating space between each vertebra.  I take at least 4 or 5 deep breaths here before spreading my arms out to the side and bending straight over.  Thinking about breathing a full breath of air between each vertebrae forces me to breathe deep into my belly and not take shallow breaths into my chest. (Which I am guilty of as the day progresses)

I stay bent over touching my toes for 10 deep breaths.  Each breath I take, I relax into the stretch a little bit more. Then, I stretch back up to the sky one last time before going about my day.   

When I started to do this I could barely touch my toes at the end but now that I have been doing it for a little while…man do I feel better!!!   Aaaannnddd I can almost put my hands flat on the floor by the end of my stretch.  

Make this part of your morning ritual and I assure you…you will not regret it!!

Do you have a morning ritual like this?  

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “Simple Morning Ritual

  1. I Love this! Self Love is often lost in the daily grind. Thank you got reminding me to take care personally.

  2. I loved reading about what has you feeling good. What’s great is that is totally doable for everyone! I’m going to try it, thanks Nikki!

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