It's time to feel the way you deserve!

Do you want to feel confident in yourself? Would you like to lose weight or have more energy?

Are there milestones you want to accomplish in your life?

It is time for you to feel truly satisfied in your mind, in your body, in your spirit.

I've witnessed the transformation countless times. I've seen my clients completely shift their old ways of thinking, helping them fuel their bodies with the right intentions, and feel amazing in themselves. Together we work on:

  • Feeling happier in their life
  • Detoxing old patterns, old thoughts, old illnesses, toxins, & heavy metals
  • Releasing extra weight
  • Improving the immune system & the body's ability to fight illness
  • Lowering cholesterol & blood pressure
  • Reducing the risk of major diseases
  • Improving mood
  • Learning what foods nourish & support the body's composition

I will be your biggest cheerleader. I will be your accountability partner. I will always be honest and give you the necessary pushes, while fully supporting you. I am driven by your success. Your wellness is MY wellness. Together, through integrity, love, and fairness, we will accomplish all your goals.

Your upgrade is waiting for you!

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One-on-One Coaching

Are you ready for the best you?  

As your personal coach, I am here to facilitate growth. We will face any obstacles together, while additionally creating goals, and crushing them. Together, we will improve your body, mind, and spirit through:

    • Having confidence in yourself & your body
    • Receiving solutions to concerns doctors haven't fully addressed
    • Understanding the way YOUR body functions & its unique needs
    • Releasing the fear around eating "bad" food with nutritional education
    • Mentoring during lifestyle changes
    • Knowing you have the power to heal your body

My one-on-one coaching will include a 2 hour initial consultation ($150 value) where we discuss how we can best work together based  on your background, health concerns, your relationship to food, any medication or supplements being taken, what has/has not improved your health, and more. With all this in mind, we will create actionable steps to achieve your goals and an individualized plan for your health.

Healthy Person Package
Healthy Person Package-2
Healthy Person Package-3

Self Starter Package:

Do you work best on your own pace?

You are welcome to take the 10 week online program at your leisure. You will be able to receive all the information on your time, as your availability allows. You will still get our Zoom sessions and access to the private Facebook page.

Group Coaching

Do you work best with likeminded people?

This coaching package is a 10 week online program with a group of people who share similar health goals. This program includes:

  • Building blocks for a well-rounded diet
  • Weekly nutritional video lessons with fun memory cues
  • Food calendar for integrating nutritional wisdom every day
  • Weekly group Zoom sessions
  • Private Facebook group

Free 15 Minute Health Analysis:

Not sure what package is right for you?  

Want to see if we would be a good fit for each other?  Jump on a quick 15-minute call with me and find out.

Your happiest and healthiest self is just around the corner

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