First, we must start with the proper foundation of nutrition. Most of the ailments that I have worked with can be helped exponentially through the use of adding more fruits and vegetables. Personally, I take the Fruits, Veggies, Berries, and Omegas from Juice Plus (pictures below and also available in gummy form.) They are found here ( 

Brain Fog? Joints Hurt? Depression? Heart Issues? Past Heart Issues?

Check this out Omega-3's (

*Disclaimer: Supplements are not created equal. I recommend certain products on this site below because I have done my research and proven that these products are the best. Additionally, I have vetted the companies that make them. There are a lot of products on this site that are not to my standards, so be aware that just because it has the same name as the one I recommended, doesn't mean it's the same quality.

Or if liquids are more your style check this one out 

Joint Issues?  Check this glucosamine chondroitin MSM product out:

Allergy Issues?  This is what I recommend and use myself when I have allergies (which since I started taking my Juice Plus every day, I take them very few and far between):

In Pain and want something other than the OTC drugs that are not the best for your liver?  Check this out

This is an effective option for pain and inflammation but not as powerful as the above one. Curcumin works well for many different things.

take a look at this

Bone Builder is great calcium for anyone that has suffered from Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. Order it through here

Digestive issues? Not feeling like you are digestive your food properly? Do you have a lot of gas or bloat? check this out

Sore Throat? This stuff is way better than any over the counter things that I have found. Better than throat losenges, better than other numbing sprays and its natural. It does have a slight kick to it and it uses clove oil to numb your throat. Look at this amazing stuff here

I think most people know and have been tested for low vitamin D status and have learned the supplementing is important but many don't know that not all Vitamin D supplements are created equal. This is the one I take myself and recommend to my clients.

This is another great vitamin D if you need a stronger dose of vitamin D but I would only get this if it's recommended by your doctor.

Gut Issues? Yeast Issues? Not feeling your best down there?
This is my Go-To

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