Besides being a nutritional coach, I have been researching and recommending many different supplements for a number of years.   I would like to give you some information on some of my favorites that I have found.

One of my favorites and the first products that I recommend for all of my clients is a product called Juice Plus because we must start with the proper foundation of nutrition.

I have become a representative for Juice Plus and Tower Garden because it's the best foundational product that I have found to mitigate illness and build from.

The Juice Plus supplement is 100% regulated by the FDA, with over 25 published peer-reviewed research trials and 40 total trials. (Click here to look at the research results) They are REAL fruits and vegetables in a capsule and are the next best thing to real food. They replace your multivitamin and give you a solid foundation for health.

Most of the ailments that I have worked with can be helped exponentially through the use of adding more fruits and vegetables. Personally, I take the Fruits, Veggies, Berries, and Omegas from Juice Plus (pictures below and also available in gummy form.) They are found here ( 

Do you suffer from Brain Fog? Do your Joints Hurt? Do you suffer from Depression? Do you or your family have any Heart Issues or Past Heart Issues?

Check this out Omega-3's (

Omega's 3's can help with almost everythng within the body because it acts kinda like a fat-soluble antioxident.  I personally take all 4 capsules: the fruits, veggies, berries and omegas for my optimum health and feel a difference.


The Tower Garden is the best gardening system I've ever used. They use 90% less water, have a 30% higher yield, and grow 30% faster than a conventional garden. Watch my video to see how amazing my Tower Garden is!

Tower Garden:  Click Here


*Disclaimer: Supplements are not created equal. I recommend certain products on this site below because I have done my research and proven that these products are the best. Additionally, I have vetted the companies that make them. There are a lot of products on this site that are not to my standards, so be aware that just because it has the same name as the one I recommended, doesn't mean it's the same quality.


If the omegas sound like something that you would like but are not a fan or able to take capsules, this liquid is a great second choice of mine.   check this liquid omega out 



Do you suffer from Joint Issues?  Do your joints creek for hurt when you are moving or getting up from a chair?  If you do I would recommend doing something to support your joints.  Check this glucosamine chondroitin MSM product out:



Allergy Issues?  This is what I recommend and use myself when I have allergies (which since I started eating my Juice Plus every day, I take them very few and far between):



Do you have body pain?  Do you take OTC meds like IBUprofin, Aleve, Tylenol, or Motrin on a regular bases?  Here is a great alternative to those OTC drugs but unlike them, this prodcut is way easier on your liver.  I would even go all the way to say that Curcumin is actually good for the liver unlike NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs).  Check this out



Below is an effective option for pain and inflammation but not quite as powerful as the above one. Curcumin works well for many different things.

take a look at this



Bone Builder is great calcium for anyone that is suffering from Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.  It is made with a type of Calcium that builds bone faster than our bodies can break it down thus helping to reverse or slow down bone loss.  Order it through here



Do you have digestive issues? Are you not feeling like you are digestive your food properly? Do you have a lot of gas or bloat?

this product is a game changer to help you digest your food properly



Do you often get sore throats or does anyone in your family?

This spray is WAY better than any over the counter throat stuff that I have found. It's better than throat losenges and better than numbing sprays plus its made from all natural ingredients. It does have a slight kick to it becuase it contains eucalyptus and clove oil to soothe and numb your throat. Buy this amazing stuff here



Vitamin D is made in the skin from sun exposure but due to sunscreens and working indoors, most people are deficient.  Vitamin D promotes strong bones and teeth, a healthy immune system, and supports healthy lungs and cardiovascular system.

This is the one I take myself and recommend to my clients.



This is a higher dose vitamin D if you need it but I would only get this higher dose if it is recommended to you by your doctor or someone who has actually tested your blood levels.




Have you taken antibiotics in the last year?  Or in the last 4 years? Do you have digestion issues?  Do you often feel bloated or funny after eating or when you don't eat?  Do you have yeast Issues? Ladies, do you often suffer from Yeast Infections or imbalances?

If you answered YES to any of those questions this is the next product I would recommend you buying



Are you looking for something that I did not mention here?  Do you have an ailment that you would like more conversation around?

Reach out to me, I am here to help! 

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