Kevin Mountain, Full Transformation

Nikki Golly is truly an amazing nutritionist, coach and friend! She has helped me tremendously on my journey towards a much healthier and happier lifestyle with her nutrition advice and mentoring in a fun yet meaningful way. Since I began working with her, I have not only lost weight and gotten in much better shape, by following her nutrition guidance, I have truly witnessed a transformation in how I feel, both physically and mentally. My energy levels are so much better and I no longer feel lethargic or tired all the time. I highly recommend Nikki for her talented expertise, her passion and commitment to helping her clients transform their lives into healthy, happier individuals. Thank you so much Nikki for everything you have taught me – they are life-long in nature and you are making a true difference in your clients’ lives!

Mike Gregg, Mountian Biker

Widge Ruiz, Happy Client

"Thanks so much for the recap of our consultation visit, as I can note anything I failed to write down.  And let me say, your passion for nutrition is exceptional!  Your attention to a client is unheard in today's environment and I commend you on your knowledge and business style!"

Alan Cuadra, Athlete

"Fuel Your Body has been one of the best choices I've made recently. She has completely changed my overall health. I've learned so much. Now I feel stronger and more energetic. Plus my favorite- I've never looked better... Thank you."

Gary Belshaw, Cancer Patient

"When I was 51 years old, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. At the time, I was given 6 months to 1 year to live.... I met Nikki through a friend who recommended vitamins and supplements. Amazingly, I responded in approx. 24 hours. I continue to improve... and my scans show that my tumors have shrunk... I have gained all my weight back and I have good energy and mental outlook... Without the supplements Nikki recommended, I would not have survived to this point. Thank you."

 Sergio Mora, Weight Loss

"I want to personally thank you for keeping me healthy... I used what you taught me about the nutrition facts chart and ended up finding a much healthier alternative to my favorite meals.... I've adjusted my diet to compensate [a higher serving size] and feel better and more energetic each day... If my body is a temple, I've done damage to it with my previous habits. You've given me the fuel I need to rebuild this temple. Thank you!"

Taylor Wellman, Feminine Health

Dava Johnson,  Lower Blood Pressure

While working with Nikki I have learned how to reach my fiber goal with food and rely less on fiber supplements. She has introduced me to kale, beets, cauliflower and many other vegetables. After adding curamin to my routine I am feeling much better and am able to attend an exercise class three times a week. With the exercise, food changes and additional supplements, I have been able to reduce my blood pressure medicine. Even though the focus of our work is fiber from foods I have lost ten pounds since starting working with Nikki. She is super supportive and always upbeat.

Scott Countryman, Dairy Sufferer

I’ve been lactose intolerant for nearly my whole life. Since I was a kid I remember having to avoid certain dairy products and as I got older I became more and more sensitive. Eventually, I couldn’t eat anything dairy. I’d tried the typical lactate pill, some digestive enzymes, and several other things but nothing worked very well. Nikki spent a lot of time searching and eventually found a supplement that she thought might help. I gave it a try and it worked! I was hesitant at first to try eating dairy again but little by little I’ve introduced it back into my diet and I haven’t had a single incident since. Thank you so much Nikki; life is so much better with cheese!

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