A Focus on the Importance of Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids that must be consumed because our body does not make them naturally. Omega-3s, as well as Omega-6s, are in the classification of a Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids. Without going deep into the science of all the fats, just remember the more unsaturated the fats are, the better […]

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Delicious and Nutritious Holiday Stuffing

What a fun time¬†full of family, friends, and most importantly, healthy and nutritious food ūüėČ Just kidding ~ we know Grandma likes to smother the sweet potatoes with brown sugar and¬†marshmallows, while she stuffs the turkey with refined, bleached, and “enriched” flour bread.¬†It all tastes so good, yet is usually not nutritionally rich¬†for your body. […]

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Some Solutions To Everyday Plastic Use

Why do we need some solutions to our plastic use – read these previous blogs by yours truly Plastic: Bad For Us And The Earth Too Much Plastic ‚Äď where does it all hide? Some Solutions To Everyday Plastic: * Use reusable bags when you go to the store or ask for no bag and […]

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What Is Ideal To Drink From?

As many of you probably know by now, I am a big proponent of drinking more water because water is extremely important to every organ and cell in the body. I am also a person that speaks out a great deal about not using plastic, especially single-use plastic water bottles. If you are not using […]

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My Secret Weapon for Cold Sores

I, like much of the population, suffer from cold sores, a form of the Herpes Virus. Unlike most people though, I don’t get them in the normal location, on the lip, I actually get them on the inside of my nose. This is a strange place to get them, for sure, because it feels like […]

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