Delicious and Nutritious Holiday Stuffing

What a fun time¬†full of family, friends, and most importantly, healthy and nutritious food ūüėČ Just kidding ~ we know Grandma likes to smother the sweet potatoes with brown sugar and¬†marshmallows, while she stuffs the turkey with refined, bleached, and “enriched” flour bread.¬†It all tastes so good, yet is usually not nutritionally rich¬†for your body. […]

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Exercise Is Amazing For What?

Depending on who you are, sometimes exercise can fit into the category of the “4 letter words” you would rather avoid. Many people think that you have to spend hours in the gym to get any benefit out of exercise or beat themselves through exercise for over eating. On the other hand, exercise can be […]

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Some Solutions To Everyday Plastic Use

Why do we need some solutions to our plastic use – read these previous blogs by yours truly Plastic: Bad For Us And The Earth Too Much Plastic ‚Äď where does it all hide? Some Solutions To Everyday Plastic: * Use reusable bags when you go to the store or ask for no bag and […]

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What Is Ideal To Drink From?

As many of you probably know by now, I am a big proponent of drinking more water because water is extremely important to every organ and cell in the body. I am also a person that speaks out a great deal about not using plastic, especially single-use plastic water bottles. If you are not using […]

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My Secret Weapon for Cold Sores

I, like much of the population, suffer from cold sores, a form of the Herpes Virus. Unlike most people though, I don’t get them in the normal location, on the lip, I actually get them on the inside of my nose. This is a strange place to get them, for sure, because it feels like […]

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