Health Starts In Your Gut

Gut health is the key to one’s overall health. Often we neglect the importance of stomach and its function. Stomach health helps the brain function better, improves the immune system, and brings the glow on skin as well. Know the impacts of a healthy stomach on your body.

Gut Health Is Key To Overall Health!

Commonly known as the gut, digestive system, gastrointestinal (GI) tract, or intestines to name a few. You would think with so many names that there would be more people paying attention to it. Especially since it does so much for us without us even knowing or paying attention to its function.


Gut Health Impact


Where does the brain get its energy? From nutrients absorbed in the gut. Think about that brain fog you get in the middle of the day or around 3 o’clock. If you trace back about 1-3 hours from that feeling, I bet you either skipped breakfast or ate a heavily processed lunch, didn’t you?

Not to mention feeling sluggish or unmotivated most of the day. Yep, that starts in the gut too. Serotonin, the happy hormone, is produced and stored primarily in the gut. It is responsible for regulating intestinal movement, heart function, bladder control, sleep, and name it Mood.

Immune System

Have you ever heard anyone say ‘Your immune system starts in your gut!’? Well if not, hear it from me. If you are not digesting or moving your food through your digestive system then it is just sitting there. Let’s just paint a little picture here… what happens if the water sits in a stagnant pool for a while? What does it look like? Gross right…

It’s going to work the same in your digestive system. If you are not pooping regularly and cleaning everything out, then your immune system is kept busy trying to attack the food particles that have gotten into the bloodstream. This happens because the gut is inflamed and the immune system is unable to pay attention to the cold, flu, or cancer cells growing out of control. We will talk more about this inflammation in a later post.

On the flip side, if your gut is healthy, not inflamed and moving normally then your immune system is primed and ready to catch that bacteria before it starts to make you sick. It will also be able to pay attention when a cell gets damaged and starts to grow out of control i.e. Cancer.


Typically if you’re healthy on the inside you are healthy on the outside. What that means is that if your digesting, absorbing and eliminating properly then you will have fewer skin problems, that can show up as eczema, acne, psoriasis, skin lesions, and even wrinkles.

So in summary, the gut helps you feel better mentally and physically. It helps to keep you healthy by catching bacteria and viruses when they first appear. When everything is working properly you can also tell a difference in the way your skin looks.

Keeping myself and my clients healthy and happy is my passion and business, so if you feel that your body is not performing exactly the way you want it to then send me an email and let us talk.


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