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Allergies/allergic reactions happen when the body has an immune response or overreaction to a foreign substance or food. During spring, the body can respond to the blooming of plants or pollen flying around the air, which lodges in your nose or is swallowed. This reaction can also happen with animal hair or dandruff, food, or even medication.

From my personal experience, it's usually a combination of things and is often exacerbated by the foods that we are eating. We typically are blissfully unaware that they are having any effect on us until the plants around us start blooming, dust is kicked up, or pollen is flying around.

This was the case for me when I was growing up. I was eating something that didn't agree with me, but I didn't know it (or even understand). I was eating dairy almost daily and I had no idea what it was doing to me. I did notice several symptoms like constipation and chronic illness, yet I didn't know that dairy was exacerbating my body's immune response to the external world as well.

It was amazing when I first stopped eating dairy, after the initial 2 week cleanout period, I was pooping regularly, feeling more energetic, not having stomach discomfort after I ate, and best of all when allergy season came around I didn't really notice ((that was huge!!))

The top food allergies that people typically have are dairy, wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, and soy.

When I work with clients, after we dive into the best foods for their bodies, we then discover what, if any, food allergies they might have and the reactions to them.

I have been teaching my clients about food allergies for a number of years now with amazing results...

One of my recent clients has been having a skin outbreak of hives all over his arms, on his stomach, and on his lower legs... Together, we pin-pointed it down to a reaction of wheat in his diet.

Each person has different reactions to different things and is typically minute when it starts out. It could start as being tired, or a little stomach discomfort, feeling the need to sleep more than normal, irritability, irregularity in your bowels, or just feeling like something is "off". Often times we are too busy to slow down and think about it before it gets worse and worse, ending with major digestion issues, hives, rashes, chronic ear infections, getting sick all of the time, or simply not feeling any better.

As with most things, it's better to catch it at the beginning before things get worse, so if you have major allergies during the spring season or are feeling "off" let's set up a chat and see what solutions I may have for you.

Let my misery help you so you don't have to deal with the pain I went through.

In Allergy Health & Happiness,



P.S. - If you suffer from allergies, please get on my calendar for a chat so we can get you feeling the way you should!

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