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The Fuel Your Body Mission

Food Is Fuel

80% of your immune system is in the gut. Due to a lack of education & familial patterns, most Americans eat to “feed” themselves, rather than to fuel their minds & bodies. This way of eating leaves most Americans nutritionally deficient, leading to skin issues, digestion problems, inflammation, lower immune function, extra weight, low energy levels, or insomnia.
At Fuel Your Body, Nikki’s mission is to address the root cause of dis-ease in the body. By looking into the physical imbalances, Nikki helps to bring the body back into a state of homeostasis, thus healing the core of the issue. Along the way, Nikki’s goal is to help heal the relationship with food, thus helping the mind + body feel optimal & be at peak performance.

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Client Testimonials


Mike did a 200 mile bike ride in a day.
"As a result of the nutrition and supplements that Nikki has I was able to finish quite well."

"She makes me eat beets."

-Mike Gregg, Mountian biker


“I want to personally thank you for keeping me healthy… I used what you taught me about the nutrition facts chart and ended up finding a much healthier alternative to my favorite meals…. I’ve adjusted my diet to compensate [a higher serving size] and feel better and more energetic each day… If my body is a temple, I’ve done damage to it with my previous habits. You’ve given me the fuel I need to rebuild this temple. Thank you!”
-Sergio Mora


“Fuel Your Body has been one of the best choices I’ve made recently. She has completely changed my overall health. I’ve learned so much. Now I feel stronger and more energetic. Plus my favorite- I’ve never looked better… Thank you.”

-Alan Cuadra, Athlete


“Thanks so much for the recap of our consultation visit, as I can note anything I failed to write down. And let me say, your passion for nutrition is exceptional! Your attention to a client is unheard in today’s environment and I commend you on your knowledge and business style!”
-Widge Ruiz.

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