Nutrition Coaching

Initial Consultation:

I combine my nutritional education with intuitive and mindful eating techniques to meet clients on every walk of life. I serve to help them move forward and reach their goals on their journey 4 health, self-care, better nourishment, and ideal weight.

My initial consultation is all about you and how I can serve you. During this appointment, we will take a look at your current health, your health history, the relationship you have shared with food, and any supplement or medications you are taking. We will discuss what your goals are, what has and has not worked for you, and any medical concerns you may have. Together, we will iron out all the details needed to create an individualized plan for the betterment of your health.


After my initial consultation, I provide the following services:

One-On-One Counseling

This includes shopping together, kitchen pantry raids, vitamin/supplement recommendations, label reading exercises, and snack or meal ideas for the “on the go” lives.

Monthly Nutritional Program

This is for those who feel that they are already on the right track to health, but need an accountability partner. This would give you an on-call nutritionist to help answer your questions, guide you in the right direction, and motivate you through weekly text messages.

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