Plastic: Bad For Us And The Earth

Plastic is BAD!!

I’m sure if you follow me on social media and other platforms you’ll know my opinion on plastic and to be honest, it really is great and not so great at the same time I tend to lean on the not so great and you’ll see why in this article.

The versatile nature of plastic is amazing, but we depend on it too much, it harms the body more than you realize, and we are disposing it in such terrible ways. Most people don’t have a single clue about what is happening to us and our planet because of it.

There are multiple reasons why we should decrease our use of plastic because to be blunt it is really hurting the planet and ourselves, but more specifically there are three important topics that I believe everyone should be aware of when it comes to plastic.

  1. Plastic gives off BPA (Bisphenol-A)
  2. Plastic is killing animals
  3. Plastic is trashing our planet

Now I know realize that you probably have never heard of BPA or Bisphenol-A which is ok, but I think understanding what it does to us can sway your thinking like it did for me.

BPA and its slightly different forms, BPB and BPC, is in plastic, not only is it present in plastic bottles, but its used as a lining in cans, cups, receipt paper, sports equipment, and so on. BPA -B -C has shown to be an endocrine disruptor and have estrogen-like qualities (1). I’m not saying that it will kill you, but ALL of our bodies, both male and female are delicately balanced with both testosterone and estrogen but, by consistently adding BPA’s estrogen-like qualities, it can throw off this balance. Even the slightest change in our bodies can turn a healthy thriving person into a deathly sick person.

What are your baby bottles made from? I’m going to take a wild guess and say its plastic.  If not BPA it is BPB…is that any better?  The statistics are staggering at a number of children that are born intersex instead of specific male or female now.  Can this be linked to our use of plastics? My education tells me yes, and that’s why I want to share this with you. You deserve to be as healthy as you can be and you shouldn’t have to go to intense schooling to have this basic knowledge to live a healthy life.

Did you know that plastic is killing animals at an alarming rate.  When I think of plastic killing animals, right away I recall images birds, turtles, and other creatures getting caught in the plastic 6-pack rings.  These pictures in my head constantly going on has made me stop buying things by the 6-pack or I cut openings in the rings when I do.  Yet another scary one came to my attention the other day when I watched a documentary series called “strange days on planet earth” with Edward Norton (I would highly recommend watching it).

One of the topics that they talked about was the Alcatraz birds that live way out in the middle of the ocean on remote islands.  They were dying of malnutrition, and the experts couldn’t figure out why.  Until they did further investigation of the contents of their stomachs, they were full of plastics.  The plastics were filling up the little birds’ stomachs so much that there was not enough room for real food.  You know those little plastic beads that are in your children’s toys…they look just like fish eggs when floating in the ocean.

The third thing that I wanted to talk about was a number of plastics that are trashing our planted.  Unlike glass or paper, plastics take hundreds of years to break down.

(pictures from)

How much are you using plastic in our lives and what impact it is having on your health and our planet? Next time you drink out of a plastic cup or plastic bottle consider the consequences of your actions.

Another great article on plastic in the ocean can be found here:

check out my video on plastics in the oceans:

~Nikki Golly


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