Anti-Stress Miracles

Stress is a normal body reaction. It enables us to act fast in order to avoid danger by fight or flight. Stress, in the modern-day, is no longer caused by the constant threat of an animal eating you, but by a myriad of external situations like financial worries, work deadlines, or troubled relationships. These worries cause our bodies to be in a constant state of fight or flight, creating tension and tightness.

One of the best natural things that I have found in all my years of research for stress and relaxation is Magnesium. (Check out my blog on Epsom Salt for more about how Magnesium helps the body).

While Epsom salt baths are great and absorbing Magnesium through the skin is an effective way to receive it, sometimes that’s not always feasible to take a bath. Take my fiancĂ©, for instance: he is too large to fit comfortably in our bathtub. If he has tension in his shoulders, he is unable to submerge them into the Epsom salt rich bathwater.

For this, I found 2 other Magnesium-rich-miracles that we use all the time. One is for internal use: a powder to be mixed in water and drank, and the other is for external: a topical cream.

The powdered drink is called Natural CALM by Natural Vitality and it is a lifesaver! I have been recommending it to my clients for years to help with stress and occasional constipation. I must also include a disclaimer that Magnesium is a muscle relaxer that works on all muscles in the body, including the muscles you do not have control over, such as your internal organs. This is important because you need to start with a small amount first so you do not relax your gut too much, causing diarrhea.

The other Magnesium product is a Magnesium Cream that you can rub on your body. This is something I’ve been using personally for years. You can use it on the specific area that you hold tension, on your back for all-over relaxation, or even on the bottom of your feet for better sleep. FYI – it even works wonders on leg cramps!!

If you are interested in purchasing the products mentioned in this blog, click on the links above.

Enjoy these amazing supplements and a little stress relief! You deserve it!

Until next time,

~Nikki Golly

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