Nikki Golly - 9

A little about me

Hi, I’m Nikki Golly, a friend, an aunt, a health coach, a university-trained nutritionist, and all-around nutrition and supplement nerd with 14 + years of experience. I started my journey feeling much like many of you. I was bloated, fat, uncomfortable in my own skin, not pooping regularly, having routine major skin breakouts, and feeling just plain dreary most of the time.

I knew that there was something I could do to make me feel better, so I devoted my studies to figure out what made me feel so awful. I started work in a supplement store, which began the healing journey. Supplements gave me relief, yet weren’t quite it, so I enrolled in the nutrition program at Arizona State University.

As I became aware of what was affecting my body nutritionally, I took a blood test and realized that I was allergic to dairy. This completely changed my life and set me on a course to help others with the problems I experienced.

Thus, I created the Feel Good Formula, which has first and foremost changed my life and has also changed hundreds of my clients’ lives. This has encouraged them to feel better, have more energy, go to the bathroom regularly, have clearer skin, and much more confident about being in their bodies.

Contact me today for any nutritional needs or questions.  I am happy to see what I can do for you.