A little about me

Hi, I’m Nikki Golly, a nutritionist, wellness coach, and micro-nutrient educator.  I enjoy helping people feel their best by focusing on a good foundation, specifically good digestive health.

I graduated with highest honors with a degree in nutrition from Arizona State University.  I also worked for 8 years in a vitamin store in Phoenix where I gained my vast knowledge of supplements.  In the store, I talked to thousands of people to put my supplement and nutrition knowledge to the test with great success.  

Today, I have helped many clients to achieve a healthier lifestyle and minimize their pains and ailments, such as putting cancer into remission, lessoning allergies, helping relieve aching joints, and even getting to the root cause to relieve full-body hives.  

I get enjoyment out of helping others to feel great and achieve their health goals. 

Contact me today for any nutritional needs or questions.  I am happy to see what I can do for you.