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Hi! I’m Nikki Golly, a nutritionist, wellness coach, and micro-nutrient educator. I was born with a thirst for health and a servant’s heart, so I followed my path to the medical program at Arizona State University. While attending ASU, I was working for a vitamin store in Phoenix, where I discovered that a healthy lifestyle was more impactful than having a doctor’s prescription. In my early months of being there, I met a plethora of people who were eating for their health ailments and supplementing with vitamins when necessary. This led me to an insatiable curiosity about healthy living and medications.


With this insatiable curiosity, I began learning and listening to those around me. I learned that through healthy choices, pain and ailments can be eased with less side-effects than medication produces. This discovery led me to change my major and career path to nutrition. I wanted to help people long-term by giving them the tools to live their best life, not prescribing them medication that could induce worse and unrelated symptoms. While in the nutritional program at ASU, I went above and beyond, graduating with the highest honors in my nutrition degree, and used my work as a gateway to coaching others.


I worked for 8 years at the vitamin store, excelling as their lead sales and customer service representative. I dedicated my life to helping others heal their inflammation, pain, lethargy, joint stiffness, and other physical ailments through eating for their health. Between work and school, I grew into the counselor and coach I am today.


When I counsel others, I look at their current state of health and their goals to create a personalized nutritional plan. I work to ensure happiness and healthiness in my clients. I have coached everyone from all walks of life- from those suffering from cancer, to athletes, to people looking to lose weight. There is a solution for everyone’s needs!


Contact me today for any nutritional needs or check out my services page to see what I can do for you.

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