Fuel Your Body with Nikki Golly

Nikki Golly - 28

Hey, I know you, your someone who has been looking to feel you best now,


Good news, You came to the right place!


What do I do:

I change the way you look at food so you can better nourish your body, feel like you did when you were 18, have more energy, enjoy healthy and easy bathroom experiences, express some of that extra love you have been carrying around on your hips


Why do I do it:

Because you deserve to know the truth.


What makes me able to help:

First off, I went through this journey before you.  I learned so much through my own health journey as well as in getting my Nutrition degree from Arizona State University as well as my many years in a health food store practicing what I was learning, then in helping thousands of people through my nutrition coaching business.


I help people enhance their immune systems by addressing imbalances in their bodies, thus encouraging them to live with confidence and true vitality.

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Weekly Wellness Articles

Gut health is the key to one’s overall health. Often we neglect the importance of stomach and its function. Stomach health helps the brain function better, improves the immune system, and brings the glow on skin [...]

Stress is a normal body reaction. It enables us to act fast in order to avoid danger by fight or flight. Stress, in the modern-day, is no longer caused by the constant threat of an animal eating you, but by a myriad of external situations like financial worries, work deadlines, or troubled relationships. These worries cause our bodies to be in a constant state of fight or flight, creating tension and tightness. [...]

I have started to do one SIMPLE trick each morning and it has improved my health and how I feel each day…

It only takes about 5 minutes but it has improved my circulation and how I feel when sitting at my computer […] 

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