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Nikki Golly - 28

Hey, I know you! You're someone who has been looking to feel your best now!

Good news ~ you came to the right place!


What do I do:

I change the relationship you have with food, so that you can best nourish your body, be at your peak performance, have more energy, enjoy regular and easy bathroom experiences, and release some of that extra weight you've been carrying around.


Why do I do it:

I struggled with my own bodily issues since I was a young child, so I dedicated my life to health and happiness. After healing my own body and my relationship to my food, I dedicated my life to help ease the suffering of others' bodies.


How I do it:

With my Nutrion Degree from Arizona State University and the experience of my years coaching 1:1 clients, I have found a personalized formula for health. I help enhance the immune system by addressing imbalances in the body, thus bringing the body back to homeostastis. This will encourage vitality and confidence, giving you back that pep in your step!

"Nikki Golly is truly an amazing nutritionist, coach, and friend! She has helped me tremendously on my journey towards a much healthier and happier lifestyle with her nutrition advice and mentoring in a fun yet meaningful way. Since I began working with her, I have not only lost weight and gotten in much better shape, by following her nutrition guidance, I have truly witnessed a transformation in how I feel, both physically and mentally. My energy levels are so much better and I no longer feel lethargic or tired all the time."

-Kevin Mountain

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